July 20, 2015 Kris

Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce that we are about to begin filming of our first Wheel-Fit Home Exercise DVD.

Since beginning our unique classes for wheelchair users and people living with disabilities we have often thought of bringing out a DVD to enable more people to take part in exercise. As Wheely Good Fitness has become more known through being involved in public events and our involvement with Scope and other disability charities we have been asked more and more to make this a reality.

On Sunday 26th July filming will take place to create a DVD of the original Wheel-Fit programme – our aim is for it to be informative and fun whilst also allowing for progression. The DVD will feature 10 different participants with differing abilities all who have kindly volunteered their time to make this happen. Some are existing Wheel-Fit clients and some are people who we have met through class demonstrations, with some having never tried it before until the day. It is hoped this mix will provide a genuine blend of people and abilities enabling viewers to relate to the people they are working out with at home.

The structure of the DVD will be to provide information on all the moves and teaching points, demonstrating the ability to perform the class in a wheelchair, on a standard seating chair or on an exercise ball. The workout will be broken down into sections at a beginners tempo to allow a gentle build to the full workout but it will also offer a full tempo complete workout allowing for progression. In addition we aim to include a dumbbell section for a muscular strength and endurance workout whilst also providing an important flexibility section to enable stretching and improvement in flexibility.

Our aim is to have the DVD on sale by the end of August and £1 from every DVD sold will be donated to Scope. We will keep you posted as things develop both here and on our Facebook page.