February 25, 2015 Kris

An evening at Downing Street

Last night was a night that will remain with us for quite some time for both the experience and for what it stood for. We had the pleasure of attending a reception at 10 Downing Street hosted by Samantha Cameron for Scope, aknowledging the work that Scope, it’s volunteers, staff and supporters like ourselves, do for people with disabilities. Also attending this event was one of our Wheel-Fit and Wheel-Spin clients Elliot Evans (below).

Scope is becoming a leading front in changing peoples perceptions of disability with a pro-active and modern take on disability with their fantastic ‘End the Awkward’ campaign. We too share this attitude with our approach to fitness, demonstrating that just because a person has a disability does not mean that that they cannot or should not have the same opportunities and experiences as able bodied people. In addition these experiences should be positive, beneficial of an independent lifestyle, exciting and fun.

The evening was inspiring not just because of what it stood for, but for the people who there to represent it. Downing Street was full of people from all walks of life and with a myriad of physical abilities and this in itself made a statement – none of us were there to tick boxes or represent a client group, we were there because we were all in some way active particpants of this move for change that Scope is challenging society with.

For those of you that know our Founder Kris (below), you will know that he is passionate about making a difference, in encourage everyone to be the best that they can be. This passion is what brought about Wheely Good Fitness and our involvement with Scope and we hope that we continue to inspire and encourage others to see that anything is possible.