April 6, 2015 Kris

New class to be trialled

You may already know that Wheel-Fit is suitable for both disabled and able bodied clients alike, providing a good energetic upper body workout. Our long term aim is to see these types of classes finding their way into leisure centres across the country ensuring that disabled people are as equally catered for as able bodied people when it comes to exercise. There are also many able bodied people out there that may find a traditional standing aerobics class a little to difficult whilst also finding seated aerobics too slow – our class of Wheel-Fit offers something different to able bodied clients, providing a middle ground between traditional standing aerobics and the stereotypical gentle seated aerobics.

Our instructor Kris who created our classes also works for Halo Leisure who run leisure centres and pools around the Herefordshire and Bridgend areas. At both Hereford Leisure Pool and Ross Leisure Pool he teaches the MS Wellbeing class aimed at maintaining and improving range of movement, flexibility and co-ordination whilst also gently improving on muscular strength and endurance. Starting on 23rd April 2015 Hereford Leisure Pool have agreed for Kris to run a 12 week trial of our energetic seated aerobics – to ensure the class is seen as being suitable for both disabled and able bodied, this class has been called Aero-Fit instead of Wheel-Fit.  If the class proves successful it could be the start of a multi ability class starting to move out into centres and demonstrated that this type of exercise is both fun an beneficial to disabled and able bodied clients alike.

If you have had a chance to read our recent articles you will be aware that Kris is one of only 12 people entering this year’s London Marathon in a standard wheelchair, raising money for the local branches of the MS Society. The first Aero-Fit class is on the 23rd April, 3 days before the London Marathon and so this first class will be a pre London Marathon Fundraiser with all proceeds going towards his MS Socirty fundraising total.

The classes will be held on and from Thursday 23rd April 12.45-13.45 at Hereford Leisure Pool, Saint Martin’s Street, Hereford HR2 7RQ. The fundraiser class will be donations of £3.50 or above with all other classes (30th April onwards), will then be normal Halo prices – Halo Members free, non-members £6.20 concession price £4.60.

More information on the class can be found on the poster below and you can also get a feel for the class with this promotional video.