March 3, 2014 Kris

New Wheel-Fit™ Class

Following an increase in the numbers of people attending our existing Wheel-Fit™ classes and the varying levels of ability, we have decided to introduce a second Wheel-Fit™ class

Wheel-Fit™ Level 1 will be as up beat and fun as our more advanced morning Wheel-Fit™ Level 2 class. However, it will be more suited to beginners and people who need more focus on upper body mobility. The benefits of this class remain the same as Level 2 classes: improved posture, improvement in general fitness levels and co-ordination – all beneficial to daily life in a wheelchair. The main differences with this level will be a longer focus on individual moves allowing the participants to become more familiarised with the moves, whilst also allowing for more support and communication between the instructor and the individual participants. As with all our classes, over time you should start to feel and see the physical benefits of regular exercise whilst also making new friends in a safe and comfortable environment and of course you should find it fun too.