Wheel-Spin™ are unique to Wheely Good Fitness and are our most demanding of all our cardio classes – intended to really push the boundaries, providing an intense cardiovascular group session.

With your wheelchair located on a specially designed roller station, as a group you work at pace with varying levels of intensity for that ultimate cardio workout. With regular attendance you should find using your chair both easier and less demanding – if you are a wheelchair sportsperson this is a great way to improve your on court speed and endurance.

Additional Information

Please bring water and a towel with you. You will need to bring any straps etc if you use them and ensure that clothing is appropriate and comfortable. As the exercise involves moving parts, loose and hanging items of clothing and jewellery need to be avoided. This class involves continual pushing of the wheelchair – bare this in mind with regards to rings and blisters!

All participants are required to complete a brief PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) to confirm that there are no medical reasons why they cannot safely take part in this and other classes before beginning.

As this is a disciplined and fast moving class, where a client is supported by an enabler, carer or PA the person supporting is required to remain with their client throughout to ensure they are able to follow any instructions given, access any required equipment as instructed and be able to take on refreshments as required, ensuring the client is able to work as independently and safely as possible throughout the class.

Exercise at home

If you are unable to attend our classes you can buy the Wheel-Spin DVD and exercise at home BUY NOW


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