June 20, 2014 Kris

Spectacular 2014

The Fitness Wales Spectacular was held in Cardiff on Saturday 14th June and Wheely Good Fitness had the pleasure of presenting Wheel-Fit™ to members of the fitness industry for the first time.

Our presentation was very well received and opened people’s eyes to a more modern and functional approach to fitness for wheelchair users. We did however intentionally mislead the class by beginning with extremely slow music and moves, representing the stereotypical image of disability and aerobics. With the rip of a record the mood was instantly changed and our fast tempo, high energy aerobic session began. Within the first 10 minutes a red glow covered the faces of the group and the effects of such a workout started to show.

The group were extremely receptive to our new approach and it is hoped that the beginnings of a new era for fitness and disability has begun within the fitness world.

Our instructor Kris also tried out a step class as a wheelchair user to gather some ideas for a future Wheel-Step™ class which we hope to put together later in the year.