August 26, 2015 Kris

The Wheel-Fit DVD

The first ever Wheel-Fit™ DVD is now available to HERE – it is now also available in both NTSC and PAL format via Amazon, ensuring that everyone will be able to buy it and take part.

We have broken the DVD into 6 sections: the first being a brief introduction outlining what you can expect before moving to the second section which explains the moves. Each move performed in the workout is explained and demonstrated separately, without music, to give viewers time to understand and feel comfortable with the moves before beginning. You will not be expected to know all the moves by the end of this section but it gives you a head start before commencing. If you wish to go through the moves section several times before beginning the main workout to make sure you are happy with them you can – it’s up to you.

Moving on from this you will go through your first aerobic workout in 3 stages, ‘Mobilisation and Pulse Raise’, ‘Build and Peak’ and the ‘Cooldown’ sections. The ‘Mobilisation and Pulse Raise’ section is to prepare the body for exercise, just like warming a car up before setting off on your journey for example. For some – and those not used to exercise – this may be enough to begin with, and so this section can be used as a small workout with the aim being to progress further as your energy/fitness levels improve. The ‘Build and Peak’ section is where it starts to step up a little further and begin working harder to increase the heart rate and provide a workout – this then steps up again into the peak, where your aim is to try and work as hard as you feel able. After the main workout is completed you need to bring your body and heart rate back down near to where you started and so the ‘Cooldown’ section allows you to bring everything back to normal in a safe and steady manner by reducing the speed and effort involved.


After completing your aerobic workout you will move on to the ‘Dumbbell’ section to work on your muscular strength and endurance. This section also challenges motor skills and co-ordination and can be performed using dumbbells or wrist weights – even with two tins of beans instead if you don’t own any weights. For some, the moves alone may be hard and so to start with you can perform them without weights until you find it getting a little easier, but always aim to improve your abilities where possible.

From the dumbbell workout you are moved on to the ‘Flexibility’ section where gentle stretching is performed to improve range of movement whilst also helping to reduce the risk of injury following the workout. It is extremely important to stretch after exercise so don’t miss it out, stretching in general is beneficial – we therefore recommend using this 5 minute section on a regular basis for long term benefits.

As people become used to a workout it becomes easier and unless you push yourself the benefits of exercise reduce as it becomes more maintaining than physically challenging. Therefore as you start getting used to the aerobic workout, aim to increase the range of the movements performed until you are working in the same way as the instructor where possible. Once you reach this stage you can then move onto the second faster tempo workout on the DVD which is made up of the same moves but with the increase in tempo and momentum the workout intensity increases significantly.

The same can be said for the dumbbell section – as it becomes easier to do, focus on improving the quality of the moves, refining the technique and increasing the range of movement. Once you are at your best, you can then consider increasing your weights to take your levels a little higher. Be careful not to make the mistake that many people make which is to increase their weights too quickly and as a result their technique and range of movement deteriorates – this is not progression!


You will see in the DVD there are 10 other people taking part alongside the instructor – half of these are regular attendees of Wheel-Fit classes, the other half until that day had never done it before. In addition you will also see that they are all different in their abilities as each person lives with a different disability. It is hoped that you will find someone within this group that you can relate to with similar abilities to yourself and see how they perform a move slightly differently where necessary. It is also hoped that you will see that they make mistakes and get tired just like you will but, like them, you will keep going and throughout the workouts you will see they get better and better as you will too.

You will get tired and you will ache following exercise, sometimes for several days afterwards. This is normal but as your fitness improves this will reduce so don’t give up – it will be worth it! Depending on how you feel and what your current level of fitness is, aim to do the aerobic and dumbbell workout once a week to start with; the long term aim being to increase it to twice or even three times a week. Always leave at least one to two days between a workout to allow your body to recover as pushing yourself too hard is neither beneficial or healthy – listen to your body and if ever in doubt, get yourself checked out! Please note Wheel-Fit is not considered suitable for people under 15 years of age.