March 4, 2014 Kris

Wheelchair Qualification Update

A few months ago we posted an article about our aim to establish wheelchair user specific qualifications within the fitness industry. Since this post Wheely Good Fitness in collaboration with Exact Training, have put forward a formal business proposal to CYQ outlining the needs for and benefits of providing such qualifications. Positive interest has so far been shown by CYQ and we now await the outcome of their preliminary considerations at the end of March. We will update you on our progress once we have more information.

We do still need to demonstrate the interest in these new qualifications and ask for anyone that would be interested in taking these new courses, to register their interest and support by contacting us.

Please share this information with anyone you know that is either a disability sports coach or fitness instructor as the more people that express an interest we have, the stronger our case will be. The outcome of these qualifications will mean that all gyms, leisure facilities and freelance instructors will be able to freely offer wheelchair users the same level of choice and variety as is currently offered to able bodied clients.