May 24, 2015 Kris

Wheely and Scope

Last Wednesday we had the pleasure of presenting at the 2015 Scope Retail Conference at Central Hall in Westminster to around 350 people. The request was to provide an ‘energiser’ session which we did, though the audience itself were not aware of their participation expecting it to be more of a performance.

We wanted the session to be fun but not too demanding whilst reflecting the variety of the programmes we do. However a full workout class would have been too much and we did only have 20–25 minutes of stage time, so we decided to put together a montage of our classes.

As with all our aerobic sessions they slowly build in effort and intencity before slowing back down – the class then moves on to a strength section with dumbbells before finishong with stretches. As it was impossible to do the dumbbell section as is done in the studio, we decided to give a taster of the moves and music. From time to time we also have a bit of fun with glow sticks with our adapted version of a routine by the fantastic  Suzie Hopkins and we wanted to share some of this too.

In addition we are also aware of the very stereotyped idea of what seated aerobic exercise and attitudes to disabled clients and exercise is so we wanted to start by giving people what they expected – slow, gentle and old style music.  Therefore we put together a montage of all these programmes to ensure we showed a little bit of everything and here is what we gave this extremely receptive and fun audience.