October 12, 2014 Kris

Wheely Good Fitness visits Scope!

At the end of September we had the pleasure of a film crew from Scope visiting our classes for the day. The purpose of this visit being to make a small film about our founder and the need for a change in attitude towards disability and fitness.

On Friday 3rd October 2014 we were invited to Scope Head Office in London to meet their team and see the first cut of the film. This also gave us the opportunity to talk to the team in more detail about what we do and answer any questions they had about this topic. Listed on the afternoons itinerary was a ‘secret activity’ which was our opportunity to give the team a mini experience of what our classes are about and how physically demanding they can be.

The group were very welcoming and certainly up for the experience and whilst we only provided a 10 minute warm up session the team were able to get a good feel for what a class involves. There were lots of giggles, smiles and red faces and overall it seemed they all enjoyed the experience as did we. A snippet of their efforts can be seen below clearly showing how much fun was being had.