January 27, 2015 Kris

Hereford Half Marathon


The Hereford Half Marathon is an annual event in May affiliated with St Michael’s Hospice, helping to support the services the hospice provides for families and individuals.  At the end of last year a few of our Wheel-Spin class discussed whether they would be able to take part in this event in their wheelchairs.

Since December last year three wheelchair clients and one able bodied Wheel-Fit client (pictured above) began training and at the beginning of January signed up for the Hereford Half Marathon. Our instructor Kris has been working with them at the athletics track to help improve endurance levels and technique, he will also be joining them making up a team of five.

The ‘Wheely Good Fitness Team’ have worked extremely hard so far and will continue to as the event draws closer. Not only is this an opportunity to take part and show others what can be achieved with a disability, but also a huge personal acheivement for each individual.

We cannot deny that we are extremely proud of the determination and spirit that this group continues to show. As with all our clients we are priviliged to be a part of their progression to a more independent, healthier and exciting lifestyle and we hope that continues to be an example to others of what any individual can achieve.

You can show your support for the team and St Michael’s Hospice by donating to the team’s Justgiving page by clicking thelink below. Thank you in advance for your support.