Our aerobics class Wheel-Fit™ is designed to give you a full workout incorporating both an upper body cardio workout and a dumbbell workout to help provide focus on muscular strength and endurance. These classes are designed to be demanding but fun, working on upper body mobility, flexibility, posture and strength whilst putting the body through a good cardiovascular workout. This class is mixed ability and suitable for able bodied clients and clients living with a disability who want a different type of workout or who wish to improve their upper body cardiovascular fitness and strength.

There is much to be gained long term from regular exercise: improved posture, improvement in general fitness levels and co-ordination – all beneficial to daily life. Over time you should start to feel and see the physical benefits of regular exercise whilst also making new friends in a safe and comfortable environment. Seated exercise does not need to be slow or gentle therefore our approach to aerobic exercise is modern demanding and creative. Depending on the individuals abilities and circumstances, the class can be performed using either a standard chair or wheelchair. Being seated focuses almost all the movement into the upper body, making it a core workout as well exercise for the upper limbs. Unlike standing exercise, where you can cheat using momentum, seated exercise forces you to control your movements focusing on your own strength and controlled movement, ensuring your body is working at its best for maximum gain.


Additional Information

Please bring water and a towel with you ensure that clothing is appropriate and comfortable.

All participants are required to complete a brief PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) to confirm that there are no medical reasons why they cannot safely take part in this and other classes before beginning.

As this is a disciplined and fast moving class, where a client is supported by an enabler, carer or PA the person supporting is required to remain with their client throughout to ensure they are able to follow any instructions given, access any required equipment as instructed and be able to take on refreshments as required, ensuring the client is able to work as independently and safely as possible throughout the class.

Booking your place

To request a place on one of our classes, please select the date you wish to attend on the calendar below and complete the booking form. Payment is made on the day to the instructor.

Exercise at home

If you are unable to attend our classes you can buy the Wheel-Fit DVD and exercise at home BUY NOW


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